In 1972, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) chose Penang, Malaysia for its first ‘offshore’ location outside of the US. Intel’s initial investment has grown to over US$5 billion since then, with the location being one of Intel’s largest Assembly Test Manufac- turing sites. As a result, Intel has expanded to become a manufac- turer of microprocessors, chipsets, network processors, micro- controllers, and mother-boards.

Intel Malaysia also comprises the Malaysia Design Centre and the Programmable Solutions Group. Our engineers form part of the global development team working on the latest Intel® Core™ processor, Intel Atom™ processor, Field Programmable Gate Arrays as well as the design & development of products powered by Intel's latest process technology.

Being one of Intel’s most comprehensive sites, Intel Malaysia is one of Intel Corporation’s hubs for shared services with the Malaysia Shared Services Center supporting HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, and Planning operations in other Intel sites across the world. The highly skilled workforce at Intel Malaysia is a testament to Intel’s commitment in Malaysia, allowing Intel to move its operations up the global value chain. Additional information about Intel is available at and

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